Industry leading software manufacturers RedmineCRM have recently re-branded their business name to RedmineUP. Their original name was based on their popular Redmine CRM Plugin. Their new logo is sleek and sports a similar design to the previous one.


Time for change

The reason behind the name change is a sensible and savvy one. The new name better represents the wide-range of plugins and solutions offered by the company. RedmineUP essentially indicates to consumers that their products which are based on Redmine are an upgrade on the open source platform with ‘extended possibilities’. And it’s not just a name change, the website too has been given a makeover. Created using the Redmine platform and the company’s CRM plugin, the new website is fast, intuitive, and provides users with a class-leading experience.

Going forward

The company has over 40 thousand registered users – and their products have over 300 thousand downloads to date. Many notable companies such as Samsung, Toshiba, Cisco, Fujitsu and more are making use of their solutions. And it’s not just big businesses that are making use of these solutions, NGOs and universities are too. What’s more, successful entrances into French, German, and Russian markets also bode well for the business.

RedmineUP products

The CRM plugin which was introduced back in 2010 was the first commercially developed Redmine plugin. It allowed users to manage tasks much easier. It was an instant success and propelled its creator to develop more useful plugins. The CRM plugin retails for $199.00. We did, however, come across a coupon code website that was offering a 10% discount all RedmineUP plugins here thus reducing the price to $179.10.

Other Redmine plugins and themes

The Helpdesk plugin was created with customer success in mind by transforming Redmine into a fully fledged support system

Other Redmine plugins include Agile, Checklists, Invoices, Finance, People and Products. Also on offer are a fine collection of themes. Currently these themes have been downloaded over 144 thousand times. All of themes on offer are fully-responsive, have been coded with HTML5 and CSS3, and work seamlessly with all popular browsers. All of the themes have been adapted to work with all RedmineUP plugins


There are 5 themes to choose from: Circle, A1, Highrise, Coffee and RedmineCRM